Monday, July 30, 2012

Boston Molasses Flood

As promised, here is the alternate color way for Isaac's Storm, called Boston Molasses Flood.  (Actually, BMF came first, but it's still being quilted.  Yay for hand quilting?)  This is an up close and slightly wonky shot of the quilting - since it's all about the Boston Molasses Flood (ew!) that sent a wave of molasses through parts of Boston in 1929 (If I remember correctly).  It may have happened in January, but the wave moved fast and struck hard. 

Other than that, it's Monday.  Which means work.  I have a migraine and really want to be at home sound asleep, medicated... but not today.  Too much work to do!  Maybe I can leave early... I hope.  If not, so be it!

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