Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hard at Work in the Forge

Back into the forge! 
Moo, y'all!
This time, it's to work on a couple of things - still working on the Crazy Diamonds.  I have 12 squares done - only 88 left to do! 

And on Texas Daycare... well, we'll just let it speak for itself.  I finally got the tree worked out - I was shooting for too much realistic detail.  Clashed with the rest of the quilt.  Once I realized that, I was good to go!  So here's the little longhorn, hanging out with the prickly pear and the tree.  He doesn't look bad!

The border is going to be fence posts and bluebonnets.  When I quilt it, I will run heavier lines along the fence lines to act as barbed wire to keep the little guy in his field.  The outer border is yet to be determined.  We'll just have to see when we get there!

The other pieced top that is done is one of D's.  She finished it up and is apparently quite glad to be done with it!  It's someone else's pattern, and she was going to do it for a break - something easy to burn a little time. 

So here it is!  Pieced and ready for quilting. 

And, since I promised a few pics of the outside of the studio, I took a few.  They may not be fabulous, but here's the best!  This one should give at least a taste of the area around the forge.

This is looking into the back corner.  Lots of green, lots of shade.  We're eventually going to put a bench or something back here, maybe a little table so we can sit out here when the weather isn't excruciating.  The little bit of black on the left side is the very edge of a former pond.  We're in the process of converting it into a planter - we've got some rosemary to put in it, and if that works, we'll add more stuff as we go.

We've got some lovely space around the forge, and now it's just a matter of getting it all neat and tidy and prettied up.  I look forward to sharing more pictures with you as we get more done!


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