Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's Tuesday Already??

Wow!  The weekend FLEW past!  Yesterday was a 12 hour day at the day job, so yikes... here it is Tuesday already....

I WILL have pics up tonight of Texas Bluejay Summer (which has everything except the blue jays so far).  I have decided I will stipple this one... mostly because it reminds me of heat waves rising off the ground, which is ENTIRELY appropriate for Texas in the summer!  

We went estate sale-ing this weekend and I picked up something that reminded me of Texas summers in a whole different way.  To me, Texas summers have a definite smell - something of dried and dead grass, and something else that I've never been able to identify.  Maybe heat.  :)  But I picked up some oil lamps that smelled like Texas in the summer to me.  I had to have them.  Now I just have to go get oil and wicks and I am in business!  (There were 12 of them, and I got them and a LOT of books for $15.  This is why I love estate sales). 

This weekend also looks good for estate sales!  (But I promise I will try to sew and quilt more!)

We DID get Frank (the mid-arm - does that make him a Middie?) set up this weekend.  A few bobbles and thread adjustments, and we are up and running.  Here's D, helping with the threading after I stomped off in a huff.  (Well, not really, since I am there taking pictures, but at first it was frustrating).  The piece on Frank in the picture is a test piece - an old pre-printed length we got at.... big surprise... an estate sale. 

I got in plenty of practice this weekend, and there will be more practice this week.  I want to get my first quilt done on Frank.  Number one on the list is Isaac's Storm.  I marked my pattern Sunday, so it will be ready when I think I am.  :)  Which should be this week, if I take it easy when I start sewing.

I am excited.  Which means I will have to be careful! 

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