Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yardage and Pincushions

I'm working on several quilts at once, of course: Texas Daycare, Isaac's Storm (both have completed tops and just need quilting and binding), Boston Molasses Flood (in process of quilting), Crazy Diamonds (now with 16 squares done), and the newest one: Sugar Skulls.

Sugar Skulls is a tesselated pattern I am working on: it requires 400 skulls cut out of black, white, cream, and novelty skull fabrics.  It's to be a king-sized quilt, and buy does the yardage show that!  Planning out the yardage on something like this is by FAR my least favorite part of the whole quilting process.  If I am figuring correctly, I need about 12 yards of material.  I understand that I am making a king-sized quilt, but still.... that's a decent amount of material!  (Fortunately, we have that much I can use for this quilt.  I MIGHT supplement with a few fat quarters, just to add a little more variety, but we'll see).  At any rate, the cutting process is fairly slow, but I'll get it done.  One the piecing is done, I will applique a few details, and so on....

In the meantime, Crazy Diamonds is creeping along.  We did more cutting than anything last night, and picture taking of quilt tops.  It's a shame I forgot to load them on the computer so I could post them!  (Tonight, I promise!) 

D. has two quilt tops finished as well, and might be able to start quilting one of them tonight.  There are always chores to do and things that have to take precendence.  But it's a stitch in the ditch quilting job, so it shouldn't take too long. 

We're going to build a new design board tonight, which calls for a trip to the local ReStore (and Home Depot if we can't find what we're looking for at ReStore).  Once we get it made, we'll be able to have several quilts up on the board at once, instead of taking turns!  We are both looking forward to it. 

There are a couple of estate sales we'll hit this weekend, too - a couple that say they have craft supplies and fabric.  There are usually a few pieces that we can use in quilts, and we can find interesting fabrics!  We're also getting prepped for a class in the quilt forge: a basic quilting class.

 Well, back to work on yardage calculations!

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