Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday on the Anvil

Hey, look at that!  Stuff actually done - totally completed and all!   Here's a hopefully halfway decent shot of Isaac's Storm, complete, bound, and hanging out with a quilt my Great-Aunt made for me years ago.  Hooray done! 

Managed to finish it late last night, but too lazy to find good light and take pics.  I need a better camera, quite frankly!  And to get my picture-taking set up finished.  Maybe this weekend, in the ridiculous Texas heat!

However, the Texas heat has also let me get this done:  here's a relative close-up of one of the two bluejay appliques for Texas Bluejay Summer.  He's pretty, isn't he? (Excsue the weird color on the background fabric... that's not so good...)  I'm remarkably proud of the duo of birdies, and can't wait to get this one on Middie Frank so I can quilt some heat waves into it and bind it and - hooray! - have another one done! 

 I spent a few minutes this afternoon after the day job piecing the back of the quilt - because I'm just like that, so it's all ready to go.  Just have to load up Frankie, and away we'll go!  Oh, yeah, and here's a shot of the whole top I took this afternoon, too.  Yeah, I need a better camera!

At any rate, there's the Thursday on the Anvil update!  It's nice and steamy, like a forge should be.  So, back to hammering out the next quilt.

Oh, but before I go.  I got to thinking while I was pressing seams (like I tend to do... my brain wanders).  Why do I quilt?  It's a question I want to ask the people who attend the first quilting class, so I should have an answer.  I have several, and have heard several in various areas... all of which are valid.  For me, it boils down to this: I can't paint, nor can I draw.  I CAN, however, get images from my head onto a quilt correctly.  It is the only medium I have discovered where the finished product IS what I see in my head.  Plus, I just can't seem to stop!

In the process of following this train of thought, my brain said "Oh, and besides... it's a useful skill to have come the zombie apocalypse.  People will still need bedding, and it would be a handy skill to barter!"  ... ...  Sometimes my brain makes me wonder. 

And now I am planning out a zombie apocalypse quilt....


Eh.  Back to the forge!


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