Monday, August 13, 2012


Had our first basic basic quilting class this weekend.  It was small, but fabulous!  Everyone got something out of it - from new skills to inspiration to go back to a quilt with renewed enthusiasm!  Everyone had a highly successful day, and much laughter was had.  Measuring, cutting, and sewing skills were worked out, and quilting and binding!

We started with a simple Nine Patch - since most of the students had never quilted before, we started with the true basics.  Oh, the joys in fabric selection, in making a quilt that was entirely theirs!  And oh the delight in watching them!

As it should be, every single one of them was different - all wonderful, all very much successful!  It made me proud of each one of them, and made each one of them proud of their own skills.  (and afterwards we took one of the students to a local quilt store and taught her about the addictive delights of fabric shopping!)  She'll never be the same!

We're already plotting more classes, and some all-skate come and quilt as you are sessions.

Here are some of the finished samples - a red and Mary Englebrite, a coffee-and-tea (now doing very nice duty as a K-Cup coffee rug!) and the lovely turquoise and black.  Three very pretty successes!  One had a binding method new to the stitcher, one is self-bound, and one is narrow bound.  All three stitched in the ditch, and gorgeous! 

I could not be more proud of our students!

And as an added bonus, I got more energy out of this class than I could ever hope for - I finished a mini quilt project, binding and all, and am half-way through Sugar Skulls (the piecing for it, anyway), AND managed to get the top done on an AAQI quilt.  More days like this and I MIGHT catch up to my quilt list!

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