Monday, August 27, 2012

Success and .... delayed success

Exciting weekend!  We went to a small (and very specialized) fabric store this past Saturday: Batiks Galore.  is their website - check it out! They specialize in batiks, obviously.  :) 

It's a fabulous place, out in the middle of... well, not nowhere, but on county roads south of our area.  We spent lots of time hoping they had signs!  (They did).  The store is on the owner's ranch, just a little building a little distance from the house.  They have a quilt retreat location too, for those who are interested....  They could not have been nicer to us, let us roam, touch, fondle and pull fabrics left and right!  And I took pictures of their alpacas (yup, they raise alpacas, too!), but those didn't turn out very well.  I admit, I've never been to a quilt store with alpacas... cats?  yes.  dogs?  sure!  But alpacas are new for me!  There were other beasties out there - a mule (donkey? ugh.  I never remember the difference), a couple of horses... but alpaca!  Now I have an urge to make an alpaca quilt.  Or something.  I'll have to think about that.

Sea Glass block - my test piece

It was a great place, with fabulous fabric, so of course I got all the fabric I needed for my next quilt - which is currently going under the name "Sea Glass."  It MIGHT wind up being a stained glass quilt... we'll see.  I haven't decided yet. 

Sunday I got up late, turned my eyes and scissors to Sea Glass, got all the pieces cut out, and started piecing.  For once, I remembered chaining, and managed to get almost all the pieces put together on only 1 bobbin of thread!  I am halfway done with piecing the last seam on the blocks, and after that... sew the blocks together and I will have a completed top!  I bought enough extra fabric that I can piece together a back for it, and then worry about finishing it up....

I would like to get this one done so I have a nice finished quilt to show at the next class.  Hopefully I can teach the students this block and chaining and all sorts of interesting things.  (I may do another sample block in polka dots... just because).

On the delayed success front.... I fought Sugar Skulls to a standstill.  We were getting along fine.  And then the backing freaked out on me, bunched up, and didn't want to co-operate with quilting.  So... looks like I will be picking the stitching out and starting over with the quilting.  It upset me, because I honestly thought all the trials were over with that one!  (But, I haven't given up... it's just currently a UFO.  I'll go back to it soon-ish.... after I finish Little Moo... or something). 

But really, Sea Glass makes up for the delayed success of Sugar Skulls, so it was a good weekend!  (Not to mention we got rain, I got chores done, and even got to sleep in some!).

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