Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day in the Forge

Finished Sea Glass!  Took it to one of the semi-local quilt shops, and owner there tried repeatedly to steal it.  :)  Gave me many compliments on it, and showed it to everyone who walked through the doors.... That in itself makes me feel amazingly good.

But even better in my mind - I love this quilt!  It is soothing and calm, and looks the most professional of all my quilts so far.  I am happy with this one.

So now I am making a second version of it, and D is making a different version.  The pattern shouldn't take too long to work up, and then it will be ready to send off as well!  (Hooray!)

I need to get a close-up shot of the binding - it's self-bound, using a hem stitch to sew it down.  I didn't particularly want to hand-stitch this weekend, and I liked the way it looked with the hem stitch.  (So did the LQS owner... he oohed and aahed quite a bit, said he'd never seen a visible stitched border he liked before this one!)

D got her Asian Blocks quilt done (except for the binding, which should happen tonight, I think), and picked up fabrics for the Sea Glass variant, and determined how she was going to quilt her Latticework quilt. 

I managed another twenty blocks for Crazy Diamonds (I really need to start piecing my strips of blocks!) making me almost halfway done with the blocks (yay!), and got further ahead on my homicide quilt.  (err... have I mentioned that one before now?  shrug).  Anyway, as soon as I figure out blood splatter I will post pictures and greater details. 

I'll leave you with the outside pic of Sea Glass... hopefully I can have pics of the variant blocks up soon, too! 
looks different in this light - I like it!

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