Friday, September 14, 2012

Long week...

There will be vacation pictures up soon-ish.  We had a great one, and I have several quilt ideas based on our little trip.

However, first I have to deal with the death of my beautiful, intelligent, scheming cat Belanna.

Sounds dramatic, but she was with me for 13 years, about 5 moves, and was in fine health (outwardly) when we left.  We got home, and and hour and a half later she was dead.  It hurts still, but it's getting better.  I still keep thinking I'll see her at the top of the stairs, or hear her on the scratch pad.  Or sitting in the bathroom staring out the window.

Obviously I won't. 

So it may take me a little longer to bounce back.  There are still quilts to be made, and things to be done.



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