Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back into the Forge

There is much going on in the forge these days.

Finalizing another pattern and developing another, planning for a few more classes in the next few months, and sewing - always sewing!  (Mind you, we also moved a little tv/dvd player out there when we are, so there's more light and movement.  Right now, lots of shows about ghosts.)

I am working on three quilts right now: Crazy Diamonds (half blocks done, a quarter pieced top), Smoked Glass, and Death By ??.  (The ?? ... I have't figured out the death by part).  Smoked Glass is a Sea Glass variant, obviously, and more pictures will be forthcoming this evening. 

D has really buckled down and started plowing through the quilts!  She's finished up Asian Blocks, the tops for Yurt Door and for Lattice, and for Sea Life (maybe to be called Aquarium).  Now she's working on another variant of Sea Glass.

So, we're busy busy!  I still miss my cat, and bringing her ashes home was tough.  I will look to the top of the stairs for her head for a long time to come.  But it's getting better.

And I have ideas... oh, I have ideas.  Which to me means I am coming out of grief and exhaustion and moving on.  And that is a good thing.


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