Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Meh. But soldiering on!

Not here... but about the mood!

Today is a grey, dreary day...  Work is busy (that whole paying job thing), and it feels like there is little time for making things.  I know that's not true, though.  I've been busy enough that I really need to get out to the studio and quilt for a while!  I have three tops done that need quilting - I have the backs done for two of them, so the only thing slowing me down is me!  (and housework, and... and... other excuses).

D. is sick right now - not too bad, but bad enough that she doesn't feel like doing anything.  And... there's a new kitten now.  Her name is Joji - she's part Maine Coon and part whatsit.  She's a handful.  I've decided her nickname is The Kitten Without Fear.  She explores, jumps, wanders, runs, careens, and has an unholy fascination with my eyes.  Seriously.  She pokes them when I am half-asleep.  When I AM asleep, she stares at me.  How do I know?  I woke up to find her eyeballing me from about three inches.  Not much more to see than kitten head at that distance!  But she's cute, and lively, and is already helping the other cat (Harper) lose weight!  :)  (I feel sorry for Harper, a little).

I've got a border planned out - just no quilt to go with it.  :)  I've made a sample in fabric, but no pics of that yet.  So... here's the rough sketch.  I'll show it as it takes shape, see what folks think of it!  So here it is.  It SHOULD work out the way I want - but since I've only made one diamond so far, it's hard to tell.  I will make a few more this week and see if they stitch together quite as well as the paper fits...  We shall see!

I'm halfway done with a baby quilt for one of the women at work - she's got a new granddaughter, so she chose fabrics in pink and purple.  Fortunately, I had most of it on hand, so the cost can be kept low low low!  It's also a simple pattern, since it's a baby quilt.  Big patches and bright colors.  So far she loves it.  I will quilt it this week and get it to her, since she's going to see the new one next week. 

I know I said I would post pics from vacation... so now I will!  Only two to start, but it's a beginning, ne?  First is the cabin in which we stayed - to me it looked like a little caboose!  It was cute, and comfy enough for a weekend stay. 

The little windows up top are at a sleeping loft.  There was another one at the other end, where I slept.  It was nice and quiet here, except for the pet pig in the area.  Yup... someone had a pet pig, and it sounded big!

We hit a nice used bookstore in town while we were there.  It was amazing to find a used bookstore that wasn't part of the HalfPrice Books chain!  Not that I have anything against HalfPrice, but still... sometimes you can find the offbeat and old old books at the other kind of used bookstore.  (I guess next time we go to our not-terribly local LQS we'll have to hit the used bookstore up there!)

And last but not least... the mountains.  We went to the mountains a lot.  And took a lot of pictures.  (Hey, I live in Texas... we only have mountains wayyyy out west!  This is a big deal for me!)

So that's what's been going on.  Things have been rough, but they are getting better.

Now if I can scrape out a little time for quilting, things will be even better! 

Tonight - the fabric store for backing for the other quilt, and get things set up on Frank for quilting.  Then I can bind them tomorrow and start delivering!  (Or at least figuring out what I am going to do with them all!)

Oh, and I need to start set-up for the next class... and finish the next pattern....


Back to work!


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  1. How fun to have a new kitten in the house!
    Your diamond pattern looks very interesting - it will be fun to see how it works out.
    Your vacation looks like it was very peaceful.