Thursday, October 25, 2012

Little Moo pics!

Work is kicking my buttocks recently.  It's the end-of-month tango of doom... happens every month, and I should be used to it, after 3+ years.  But it seems to get progressively more doomy, so it gets a little tougher each time.

At any rate, after going home and falling over for a while, all I managed to accomplish was a little quilting on Little Moo.  And...since I promised pics of Little Moo in progress, here are a few.  I've finished quilting the sky - and am remarkably proud of it.  The picture isn't fabulous (as usual), but the clouds show very well.  I am pleased.  There's a LITTLE quilting in the tree-top as well - not a lot, because it didn't show much and I got a little frustrated with it.  I may go back when the rest is done and play with it some - we'll see.

The grass quilting is going along just fine, except for those moments when the kitten decides to help! (she's very helpful).

I am looking forward to this weekend and time to sleep in, go estate sale-ing (if we find any good ones!) and working in the forge! 

Tonight will be time to move the little orchard closer to the house - maybe onto the enclosed back porch.  Time to see how the kitten likes the trees!  (Our little orchard is 7 or 8 dwarf fruit trees of various types... alas, we left our pomegranate behind in the ground when we moved last year).  So we'll get those moved in this evening after work and see how they like that.  It's better than leaving them outside unprotected when they are wee little things in pots, and the temp drops from reasonable to brrrrr. 

D took her cat to the vet yesterday for shots and to have her checked for kidney issues.  Vet doesn't think there's anything wrong with her, just needs litterbox changed more often.  So... there's good news there.  Also, her cat is going to be a big cat.  About 15 pounds, give or take.  And dense.  (in more ways than one).  But since my kitten is about 5 months old and half her size already, I think they will be fairly evenly matched!

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