Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More picture! And completely random thinking

First, a better and more true-color pic of the baby quilt finished for a co-worker!  It came out much nicer than I expected, to be honest.  I am not much of a pink and purple kind of girl, but it was not bad.  And I like the almost star-like arrangement.  More to the point, both grandparents loved it!

I've not been in the forge too much this week - 10 hour days at work cut into the time immensely.  However, I am still working on Texas Daycare, so all hope is not lost.  I've almost finished the sky quilting on that one, and when I do, I can go on to the ground!  Hooray!  (more pics when I finish the sky - maybe tomorrow??)  We can certainly hope so!

Started planning a new quilt - just because.  I think that's my main problem.  I don't have too many people I know that need or want a quilt, so I am making to see if I can.  Although I do admit I haven't exactly taken a poll, so I could be wrong.  There might be many among my friends who would like a quilt!  Anyway... the one I am designing now is definitely a techie/nerd/geek kind of quilt.  If I can get the proportions correct, it will be smashing!  (I spent an hour online finding the correct material for the sashing and border, so now I HAVE to get it done!)  And... if this one works, maybe I'll start taking design orders.  If the quilt is liked.  We shall see!!!

A month from tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of moving into the current house with forge.  I can't believe we've been here 11 months, and at the same time, it feels like we've been here for a long long time.  Don't know what that says! 

MUST put my Black and White quilt on Frank (no, I haven't gotten around to that yet....), so I can quilt soon.  And then work on the new quilt.  The diamond border is still in progress.  It would help if I had a quilt to put it around, I guess, although I don't want to spend THAT much time to see if it works! 

So, for my WIP list:

1. Geek quilt
2. Voynich MS quilt
3. the huge list of quilts in my notebook.... *sigh*

1. Crazy Diamonds
2. Diamond border

Quilting (or to be quilted!)
1. Death By...
2. Black and White
3. Texas DayCare (in progress)
4. Boston Molasses Flood (in progress)

There's still so much to be done.... and I want to be in the forge, working there!!!  Updated my quilt list... only have 70 on the list (with 13 done or pieced).

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