Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Goals and Plans

I started making my list of things I want to accomplish on the quilting/piecing front last night....  I feel like I must be nuts.  Crazy, even.


On the "dear heaven I need to finish quilting this!" front, my goals for the year are:
1. finish quilting Boston Molasses Flood
2. finish quilting BST
3. quilt Crazy Diamonds
4. quilt my Dead Me quilt
5. My sister's quilt (need to do this one quick, too!)

Not too bad, except two are bed-sized quilts, and being done by hand.  *sigh*

On the "piece piece piece" front....
1. Molten Glass (currently in progress)
2. Wonky Sun Runner
3. Gatchaquilt (a brand new one that has leapt madly to the front of the line.  very pushy, it is).
4. Sun Phoenix (applique... why do I do this to myself??)
5. Hex Bird-Tree

And on the smaller scale list....
1. Complete all my block swaps in a timely manner
2. at least 2 more AAQI quilts.  (1 already planned....)

Now, looking at it, it doesn't seem like much.  12 items, 12 months.  But... I know me.  It won't work like that.  Even if it did only take me a month to hand-quilt a king-sized quilt (which is NOT going to happen).  We'll see if I can reach my goals.  If not, so be it, but I wanted to get it down in black and white so I can refer to it when needed.  And... it will keep me honest, I think.  I know other things will get added to the list, but this is my first of the year working list.

And of course, faire will be starting up soon.  The show starts in April, but we prep earlier than that.  And I will probably make a new bodice this year.  Nothing else garb-wise, but at least a new bodice.  And yarn things.  Because Penelope Weaver must have yarn things. 

So, we'll see how I fair on my goals.  Tonight - work on BST - it's smaller! and maybe on the Molten Glass.  We shall see.... (unless I pull greens and browns for the Hex Bird-Tree... See?  This is my problem.  Too many ideas, too little focus!)


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  1. There's no rush on mine and if you can't get to it, that's fine. Seriously.