Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday monday, again....

Wow - the days have just shot past in a blur recently!  Holidays, family, work... it's all conspired against me!  (As has blogger...I've tried three times to post a tutorial, and it pegs out every time... sigh.  I'll try again later today).  At any rate... decorations are down, packed away, and tidied up, leaving home and cube feeling a little barren.  So, to combat the blahs, which have been pretty impressive this year... I'm making more things.  (What?? Really??  MORE things?)

The first up - a wonky sun banner (well, banners, in two parts, because I learned my lesson when it comes to decorating my cube.  no more 15' long banners!)  The wonky sun will be two pieces - one for one side, with the wonky sun, the other part with maybe either trees or a beach scene... I haven't quite decided yet.  I made a test sun last night, and it turned out... well....

Wonky... but not quite like I want it yet.  The only corner piece I am happy with is the one in the lower right - I thnk the narrower looks best.  Which means that when I make the "real" one, I need to make sure I have narrow corner wonkiness... also, the rest of the rays aren't wonky enough for my tastes.  :)  I'm picky about my wonky?

But it's not a failure - I know what I have to do to "fix" the issues, and it shouldn't be that hard.

Other than that, not much happening in the forge these days.  Frank is back to hiding behind a green wall of dwarf fruit trees, so quilting on him is on the back burner again.  I've stumbled across a pattern for a quilt that screams that it MUST be done - don't have nearly enough quilt ideas, apparently....  *sigh*  But.  I will obey this one, because it amuses me. 

Part of one wall of buttons

We went fabric shopping for faire this past weekend - went down to Perth Street in Dallas, and *sigh*  If I only had all the money I wanted, I could have bought some FABULOUS fabrics!  (not that I need them, but still).  And then... in a little store with a wonderfully crazy owner, we hit on the button motherlode!  He had three rooms full of buttons... everything from cheap plastic buttons to lovely metal shank buttons that looked like wolf-heads....

Needless to say, I came out with buttons.  Some I know what I will do with, others, maybe not, but I couldn't pass them up!  And the owner was crazy, cheerful, chatty, and all sorts of lovely.  He has a textiles degree, and a Tibetan terrier, and all sorts of useful knowledge.  So we stayed a while.  And could have stayed longer!  (Oh, and yes, we did find some fabric, hopefully).

It's the last day of the year, and I will send it out tonight like I do so many other nights - probably sewing!  I have over 100 little hexes made, and soon will have to move them from their shoebox to a larger box!  But for now, there's quilts to plan and make!  Happy end-of-the-old-calendar day!


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