Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hiatus OVER. Finally.

Welcome back, superfriends!

So it's been a long hiatus.  Trying to get back into the swing of things here at the Anvil.  It's been a LONG time since we raised our heads and looked around.  However, we've not been COMPLETELY dormant.  (Even if it does feel like it sometimes!)  I feel a bit remiss, but I really needed the down time.  Nothing major, just... everything.  Work and personal life and family and holidays and work and work and even work.  Things are - as you might guess - a little wild at work.  We've lost two people from our department in the last month and a half (to other jobs, not anything horrible) and while the supervisors were looking, the rest of us got to pick up the slack.  So... it's been a little rough on all of us.  And now we have a third leaving.  However, we've got the three slots filled, and the new folks start on Monday.  Hopefully things will calm down pretty quick - once we get them trained!

To get us back in the swing of things...

The Star Fruit Cushion.  (tutorial here:

It's a fabulous design!  I may have to make a couple more of these... maybe even a little bigger.  (This one is made using 8" squares... I am thinking about moving up to 12" squares.  That's a LOT of stuffing, but it would be amazing to lounge against and sew in bed, I am thinking).  And because it's me, I keep thinking about making a wee little one, too.  Just to see if I can.

Other than that, it's been (for Texas) ridiculously cold, so I've made two t-shirt scarves.  They are simple simple simple to make.  Recently that's been a good thing.  I may make another one, with a few variations.  After all, it's still winter time in Texas, and this year, winter seems to be taking itself seriously.

And... of course it's almost that time again... Faire time.  Which means more garb-making.  So far I've got the basics - chemise and bloomers.  :)  Gotta have my underpinnings!  (We'll see this weekend if they pass muster.  I hope so!).  I know what the skirt and bodice will look like - again, pending final approval.  Here's what the original version looked like.  The revamped version will be a little different.  Particularly in color.  The dark blue is gone, in favor of a peacock green.  But it's vastly different from anything I've done before.  Think I will like it!

(This, by the way, is taken outside the forge.  I am hoping in the future we can put an arbor over at least part of the concrete expanse...).  In the meantime, we're making do, and doing what we can.  We'll be adding more plant life as soon as the temperatures moderate some.  But for now, it stays all concrete-y and gray. 

Here is my Day of the Dead quilt.  It's a fairly basic Nine Patch, because I wanted something quick and easy.  There are about 14 different fabrics in it, including one Day of the Dead print.  Yup, just one.  I didn't want it to be TOO over the top.  But again, because it's me... I decided to piece the binding.  In stripes.  Because I could.  So I did.

I pieced it together out of some hand-dyed fabrics I bought at a quilt show last year.  There are ten different colors in the binding, and they're delightfully bright.  It really makes the Day of the Dead material pop in real life.  In  this picture... not so much.  I still need a new camera.

The absolute best part about this quilt is the binding - not so much the colors, although it love them.  The best part of all... my binding matched up.  I started with a red and ended with a blue (which is right next to the red).  I didn't plan that, and I certainly didn't expect it!  But I am pleased as punch about it, and will take it!

Here's the corner where the pieces of binding match up.  Riiiight up there where the bright blue and the red meet.  That's where they begin and end.  SO HAPPY!  (perhaps a little too happy, but I'll take what I can get). 

There's more to catch up on, but for now, that's it for me, superfriends...

Catch you on the flip side!




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