Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What HAVE you been up to?

Hi, folks! 
The above is me in the months that I've been away - photo is courtesy of Ron Wheeler, who takes FABULOUS pictures of our faire.  That is my character, Penelope Weaver, Weaver of course, who was bright and cheerful and of an exceptionally sunny disposition.  And more than a little silly.

There are scads of other pictures of Penelope - which makes me happy, even if the best thing you can say about my face is that it's... flexible.  Capable of many silly expressions.

But the skirts, the bodice - all of those had to be sewn.  Which meant two bodices (because last year's no longer fit), and three skirts (I was going to do more, but it didn't happen).  And repairs to all of the same. 

Combine that with the Quilts for Kari (for our friend with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma), I've been a busy busy person.  So....  that's what I've been up to the last few months.

Also me, in the living chess match.  This was a substitute fight, since my normal fight partner was out that day.  But I like this shot!  (The harpoon, by the way, is Penelope's "largest weaving shuttle ever.")  THis shot - Arianna Berdy - who also takes amazing pictures of our faire.

So that's what I've been up to.  Long days at faire, portraying a weaver in Scarborough, England, in the year 1533.  Silly and fun, and strangely educational!

Hereout, it's back to quilting for a while.  I have another character hanging out waiting to come play, so she needs an outfit by October-ish, for the Texas Renaissance Festival - I can take her down there easy, just to see how she plays.  I've got SOME of the fabric, and the rest shouldn't be too too difficult to get, since it's a test.

That gives me "plenty" of time to play with quilts, right? 

Currently on the schedule:
Quilting: Boston Molasses - still!
Piecing: Molten Glass
Prepping: Bat Flight and Crop Circles

Until next time, superfriends!

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