Monday, February 4, 2013

Finished another one!

Good morning, superfriends!

Sunday I decided to go out to the quilt forge and try something new - the quilt-as-you-go runner.  I have seen them around the interwebs, and have given thought for a while to try making one.  But... like all things, it takes a bit of time to get around to every project I want to do!  And making a table runner was to be step one - the testing.  I wanted to see how easy it was, how well it went together, and so on... 

Now I know.

Not too bad, if I do say so myself.  I like the colors, and the runner itself went together with remarkable ease, considering that I didn't even go look and see how it's done, just went by memory.  It was easy, and relatively quick.  Since it was a test, I didn't even bother to measure length, just went until I was done and then bound it off.

The quilt as you go method is ridiculously simple.  For those who have not yet seen it, here's a free PDF of the design.  I know I've seen it around, but this is a good starting point!

The nicest thing about this... when I took it inside and laid it down on the table, it fit.  Exactly.  *blink*  How the heck did THAT happen??  No clue, but I'll take it!  It fits, it looks good, and so on.

And now that I know it works, I am tempted to make another one out of the OTHER roll of fabrics that I bought at the same time as this one.  (Oh, yeah.. that's the other thing about this... I wasn't sure how it would turn out, so I used a roll that I bought at....  Big Lots.  Yeah.  $8 worth of fabric, and I still have enough to make either placemats or something else).

Now that I know it works, I can also move on to planning the ACTUAL project.. seeing if I can make a quilt this way.  In blocks, of course, because it would take WAY too much maneuvering to get a queen sized quilt made on my little machine with this technique.  So... on to planning blocks and stuff.

And other projects.
And faire.

Hooray!  I will never die of boredom!


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