Monday, June 25, 2012

Setting Hammer to Anvil

Welcome to the Patchwork Anvil!  We are, as our header says, a place where quilts are designed and made.  We make quilts that appeal to us and to others, and peddle our patterns.  At least, that's the plan! 

We're located in sunny North Texas, in a lovely quilt studio (we prefer the term quilt forge, because sometimes it's hot, there's a lot of noise, and heavy things get dropped on our feet! - well, maybe not the last one.  yet.).  The forge is firing up, and we've decided to set things in motion.

This blog will be a place to keep track of what we're working on, the temperature of the quilt forge, the manners of the quiltsmiths, and so on... hopefully with lots of pictures and so on!

The first picture is this: a shot of one area of our quilt forge:   As you can see, it's bright and cheerful and colorful.  It will only get more so as time progresses, I suspect.  And there will be more quilt pieces lounging about, taunting us by their mere presence.  (Okay, maybe not TAUNTING us, but certainly lounging about!)  This shot is from this weekend - we've just moved in.  Once the sign is done, I'll get a pic of it up, too, and so on. 

We've a myriad of machines in here, including Frank, who is our midarm quilter.  He's a recent addition, and I am extraordinarily pleased to have him along for the ride!

So, that's about it for our introduction... oh.  I am Shay, one of the quiltsmiths....  the others will introduce themselves in time.  :) 

Welcome to the Patchwork Anvil!

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